Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermilion (PSP)

Electronic Gaming Monthly, January 2006:

Naysayers could call this game trite, but yea-sayers will call it “old school”! The adorably squat characters are totally Super Nintendo era, moving atop mind-glowingly gorgeous backgrounds. The story is pretty standard, and the fighting is overly simple, but whatever, man. Old school.

When you go old school, however, the same old failings apply. The top-down view often obscures your character, and the fetch quests can be tedious. It’s disappointing that the battle screens don’t look as impressive as the rest of the gameā€”no pyrotechnics, just a sparse combat view. Still, even if this RPG isn’t quite a classic, it takes a cue from the greats.

Jenn Frank

I started writing about videogames professionally in 2005. I'm better known for my personal essays. I like vintage computer games and preservation, books, and horror games.