Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny (PS2)

Electronic Gaming Monthly, June 2006:

Greg is so right-on about the gameplay being artificially lengthened. What should be a tight, concise game instead extends to sprawling proportions—even the 2D graphics are stretched to jaggyville—making Azoth feel a little…I dunno, wimpy? Murky? Unfulfilling?

The time bar in the battle screens does offer some strategic depth. And though it seems unfair that stay-at-home alchemist Viese plays second fiddle to Felt’s heroics, I loved switching over to her whenever I wanted, messing with recipes and inventing new items (Shane’s totally missing out).

I tailored my experience just enough, however—spending more time with gameplay aspects I liked, exploring and experimenting at my own pace—that I ended up having some real fun.

Jenn Frank

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