About Jenn

Hi! I’m a videogame journalist, essayist, and culture critic. My writing has appeared in Kill Screen Magazine and They Magazine, and online at Paste, Vice Motherboard, Slate, The Bygone Bureau, Unwinnable, WIRED GameLife, 1UP.com, PC Gamer, Kotaku, Jezebel, Flavorwire, Death and Taxes, The Frisky, The Guardian, and the New York Times.

illustration of a lighthouse overlooking the sea at dawn, overlaid with the game title I AM DEAD
I Am Dead (Hollow Pond, 2020)

I’ve been lucky to get to do freelance voice acting for videogames on the side. I’m the voice you hear in Super Hexagon and VIDEOBALL. I also play a tenderhearted robot in I Am Dead.

We—Terry Cavanagh, Chipzel, and I—were nominated for a BAFTA for Super Hexagon.

A stark black-and-green hexagon shape
Super Hexagon (Terry Cavanagh, 2012)
The logo and title of the computer game VIDEOBALL
VIDEOBALL (Action Button Entertainment, 2016)


After blogging about games on 1UP (RIP), I began reviewing games for Electronic Gaming Monthly in 2005. At other points in my life I’ve worked in an art gallery and toy store, been in stage productions in Chicago and San Francisco, given a guest lecture at a digital arts museum, done SFX, and worked as a celebrity gossip blogger. I graduated from Northwestern University with academic honors and a degree in fiction writing and English literature, along with a concentration in Russian lit.

One of my videogame previews, titled “He’s Still Alive,” won the 2013 Games Journalism Prize.

Jenn Frank

I started writing about videogames professionally in late 2005. I like vintage computer games and preservation, books, and horror games.