LostMagic (DS)

Electronic Gaming Monthly, June 2006:

What? I scroll away for one second to get a quick look-see at my minions, and I scroll back only to learn some monster has been punching my hero in the face repeatedly. Uncool. While its hybrid of game mechanics is truly nifty, Lost Magic quickly becomes a fast-paced terror of multitasking and micromanagement.

Granted, there’s an enemy-tracking GPS on the top screen that I ought to be watching, but it’s tough when the touch screen is flurried with tiny icons where I assumed actual graphics would be. Worse, characters can clump up during battle, which makes tapping the intended icon nigh impossible. If it weren’t for the killer music and Studio Ghibli stills, I would have immediately thrown my DS across the room.

Jenn Frank

I started writing about videogames professionally in 2005. I'm better known for my personal essays. I like vintage computer games and preservation, books, and horror games.